Brand Ambassador Program

The Speak Then Think Brand Ambassador program is searching for some new creative + ambitious girlies. We hope that's you! She’s becoming THAT GIRL, creative and learning more about herself everyday.  She's ambitious and going after her dreams and knows nothing is impossible. She’s fly as hell of course, but in a casual, laid back and humble sense but also fun and has the ability to inspire others. That's the girl we want to join us and become a brand ambassador

If that sound like might just be the right IT GIRL for the brand.

Apply Here!

Perks of Being a Brand Ambassador for STT:

The Speak then Think brand ambassador enjoys the following perks:

  • Get an exclusive 25% discount of all Speak Then Think products.
  • Receive 15% off all orders for you and your followers
  • You’ll get bonus credits every time someone uses your special 15% off code. And this credit adds up FAST!
  • Input and voting on new products and one free exclusive item per month.
  • Of course we feature our brand ambassadors on the Speak the Think Instagram and Facebook pages.

Brand Ambassador Requirements:
Every Speak the Think brand ambassador will:

  • Create social media content that showcases our creative + ambitious lifestyle.
  • Create images and social media posts featuring you rocking Speak then Think apparel and accessories. Share it with all your homies!
  • Share our brand messages with organizations within your community.
  • Set your Instagram page to public.
  • Have fun and look good doing it!

How to Become a Brand Ambassador for Speak Then Think:

The Speak then Think brand ambassador is an important role. We want to work with creative + ambitious women who represent the casual yet fly babes everywhere! We’re want to vibe and connect with girls  who can create authentic, inclusive and compelling social media content and share the hype. If you're THAT girl - we can't wait to work with you! 

To apply to become a brand ambassador for Speak the think,complete the following form and look out for an email from us!